SAP Business One is a single, affordable, globally accepted, cutting-edge solution that assists small medium business enterprises (SMEs) to manage and grow their business in digitalisation. It is a robust and reliable ERP Solution that is designed to counter the business challenges SMEs face with assured success.

It primarily focuses on providing full automation to important business functions like Sales, Managing Finances, Purchases, Analyzing and supervising different business protocols that enable the businesses to make critical business decisions.

What makes SAP Business One preferred?

  • It is Affordable
  • Quick and easy to implement, up and running in days or weeks
  • Powerful enough to help the business grow
  • Customised Industry solutions
  • Available in 28 languages, 44 localized versions
  • Provides multi-currency support

Why is SAP One the right solution for businesses?

  • Affordable and reliable solution for small businesses: Not only big organisations, but also, many small businesses face complex operational problems, and that’s when SAP Business One helps. This solution allows businesses to access the same kind of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system multinationals use at affordable prices. SAP provides the same kinds of tools like business intelligence and analytics, sales forecasting and management, customer relationship management, in one integrated solution.
  • Best Global Practices: SAP Business One helps you to run a company better by streamlining operations, increasing productivity, reducing cost, better customer relations and so on. The primary reason for this is because SAP incorporates global Best Practices in its products, business and on technology side.
  • Ease at Using: A user is not required to have any special skills to use SAP business solutions. The user interface(UI) of SAP Business One is intuitive and very simple to use. There’s a myth that the users need to be high on computer literate to be able to operate SAP Business One System. Whereas, there are several customers where end users have a limited educational background and they are using SAP Business One system without any constraint.
  • Improvised supply chain management: Managing vendor quotes, supplies and payments can be a hectic task for businesses. SAP Business One provides more visibility and control over the order to pay cycle and provides a better way to manage PO, receipts, invoices, returns, and payments. So by adapting SAP Business One, businesses can optimize their processes with a simple dashboard reporting and match goods receipts with inventory warehouse levels in real time.
  • Implement without changing the business processes: The seamless implementation is because SAP Business One comes with inherent robust capabilities that enable smooth interfacing with other applications. All you need for implementing SAP Business One is a high level of commitment from top management of the company. Furthermore, the customer needs to align themselves with right implementation partner who brings incompetencies and expertise in handling the project end to end. With these taken care of, SAP Business One can be implemented in a matter of just 8-12 weeks.
  • Flexibility of deployment: SAP Business One can be implemented On-Premise, that is on customer’s own hardware, or in a hosted/cloud model. Thus offering multiple options to each customer to opt from.

Therefore, it can be ascertained that SAP Business One grants you access to enhanced visibility and better decision making that too at affordable businesses cost. Moreover, SAP incorporates new innovations in the product which ultimately have a positive impact on businesses on a recurring basis.

At Augment Works, you get expert advice from our team as we have implemented SAP Business One to all types of businesses.

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