Two key phrases in the IT industry are software testing and software development. The primary reason for this is because they carry out various tasks that support a program’s existence and effectiveness. Even though they are two distinct and significant stages in the life of a software programme, they are still the pillars of the program. It is crucial to clarify each of these concepts and recognise the different functions they serve.

What is Software Testing? 

Software testing is the procedure used to validate the accuracy, reliability, and thoroughness of computer software. It entails doing a few certain tasks intended to identify software programme flaws so they can be fixed before the programme is made available to end users. 

The test helps the developers in determining whether the test result will match the anticipated outcome and whether the software is error-free. 

How is this software testing conducted? 

A software is tested by running it under specific, and controlled settings to verify if the output matches what was anticipated, examine the program’s behaviour, search for bugs, and determine whether the software will satisfy the user’s demands or not. 

For instance, if a programme is intended to handle payroll for a business, the programme will be tested through each stage of payroll processing during testing. To make sure that the programme works in all the scenarios where the end user is anticipated to utilise it, several parameters may be evaluated. The programme could malfunction or exhibit defects, such as incorrect calculations or the absence of some data, which could have a significant impact on the program’s output. When this happens, the programme is returned to the software programmer to be fixed. That’s how software testing is done and the software goes live error free.

What is Software Development? 

Software development is the process by which a software programme is created, as opposed to software testing, which examines a software programme to ascertain its effectiveness and mistakes as well as some of its characteristics.. Software development, to be precise, refers to all phases of software development, from the idea stage until the programme deployment. 

Although the process of developing software may appear straightforward, it requires the following activities to be done simultaneously: 

  • Research
  • Prototyping
  • Re-engineering
  • Creation of a complex algorithm
  • Creation of a flowcharts
  • Multiple modifications
  • Coding
  • Elimination of both major and minor errors

Apart from these some other steps are also necessary to be performed for the creation of the software programme.

What is the difference? 

Software development is, to put it simply, the process of writing software. We test the software after it has been developed using the specifications. Software testing is the process of running a software in search of bugs or errors. 

Testing determines whether or not the code works as expected. Development is the act of writing code. Software testing uses a variety of methods and goes beyond simply running programmes to look for flaws. 

The creation of a software product is known as software development. 

A software developer creates new software based on the needs of the customers, whereas a software tester assists in fixing mistakes that have emerged in the new programme he is working on.

Which is difficult, software testing or software development? 

Despite the fact that these both activities are integral parts of the industry, software testing is more difficult than software development.

The reason for this is because in testing jobs, software testers might write more codes than developers, moreover, for testing the person needs to have a hacking mindset to find flaws in the program.

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Ghanshyam Sharma
Ghanshyam Sharma